Our Services Include

  1. Sea transportation of Dry Bulk Cargoes including minerals, grains, fertilizers, steels, clinker, bagged and bulk cement, etc.
  2. Providing competitive freights and suitable vessels ranging from coasters onwards to post panamaxes and capesize vessels.
  3. Freight Market information and market analysis to help gauge possible market trends.
  4. Ocean Freight and Chartering Consultancy to mills, power plants, traders and mining companies enabling them to cover maximum possible risks for transportation of their cargoes and helping them throughout the Charter Party contract.
  5. Providing comparative analysis on different types of charters including voyage, time or period charters, freight contracts (COA) or any other related request.
  6. Our Post Fixture / Operation department is available 24 hours a day  and 365 days a year regardless of any holidays locally or internationally.
  7. Our up to date electronic system  and data bases enable  our team to provide prompt  response to clients on their  operational queries.
  8. Being closer to traders, producers and mills our trading department can source commodities such as grains, metallurgical coke, iron ore etc from direct producers and mills.